iOS 13 Eligible Device, Official Release Date, Feature List, Beta Program

iOS 13 comes with interesting Features and Update which will make a love in your Heart to the Apple. After iOS 13 all the iPad become iPadOS. This iOS 13 is not Launched in Official yet, but it rolls out with a Beta Developer Program. As per WWDC2019 Keynote, iOS 13 will change your iPhone Software. iOS 13 comes with dark mode which will attract your eyes for a moment.

Which device will be eligible for this Beta Program:

All the iPhone or iPad will not get iOS 13. As per iOS 13 compatibility, it requires an iPhone or iPad from the last four Years (Obviously depends on the Device Category). Which will define that iPhone 6 or Older device will not eligible to getting this iOS 13 update.

iOS 13

You will need iPhone 6S or later, new iPad mini 4 or Later, iPod touch 7th generation and even iPad Air 2 or Later device to get this iOS 13 Features. You have to use iOS 12 for those devices which doesn’t allow to get iOS 13.

Yes! iPhone SE is the Exceptional Case. As it has come after the iPhone 6, this device is eligible for iOS 13 Beta Program.

Official Release Date for this Beta Program:

As this iOS 13 is available only Developer Mode, this iOS 13 will not the stable version of the iOS Platform. As per 3rd June, it is available at developer Beta. You have to wait to get Public Beta release date to use the iOS 13. Otherwise, you can use that using Xcode or macOS 10.15 to be installed.

At the mid July 2019 Apple announced that they will roll out of testing feature on a Larger scale which will allow to public install the Developer Beta program. But this will not Stable Version of iOS 13.

But at mid September-October all the Apple users will get the Stable and Updated iOS 13 into their device. Now they can allow enjoying iOS 13 Features.

Look inside of iOS 13:

Highlight Features of iOS 13 is that:

Dark Mode of iOS 13:

New exciting Feature which will attract you is the Dark Mode of the iOS 13. This Dark Mode option provides all the iOS and apps a Low-light environment which won’t disturb people around you.

You can turn on Manually even you can schedule for that iOS dark Look. Even new Wallpaper optimized for a dark mode which will allow to automatically change as you switch between light and Dark. All the Dark Mode beautifully integrated all the iOS from built-in apps and setting the system-level views.

iOS 13 Features

Quick Path Keyboard:

Quick Path Keyboard will change your typing experience. You can swipe your finger from one letter to the next to type without removing your finger from the Keyboard to enter a Word.

It will predict alternate word option to use your quick performance. You can change swipe and tap mode which will be most convenient for you.

iOS 13 Beta Program

Camera and Portrait Mode of iOS 13:

The biggest update of updating the Camera which will feel you happy. You can adjust the Portrait Lightning Intensity even you can move to smooth skin, sharpen eyes and brighten facial features.

It covers a High-key mono to create a beautiful, classic look with a monochromatic subject on the white background which will feels to get iOS 13


Emojis with new Look with sharing in iOS 13:

Previous iOS comes with the emojis which make a huge fan base from this feature. This iOS 13 comes with other good-looking features where you can share your emojis to you friends through massaging app. New more emojis available in that section.

You can share Animoji, image, monogram for your photo in iOS 13 which will express your expression to your friends and Family.

iOS 13 Features

Find my App:

Apple iPhone comes with another big update which will allows you to find your favorite person and locate them easily. This Find my app provide real-time transit, flight status, mapkit, 360 degree 3D experience which will provide an amazing experience about iOS 13.

iOS 13 Beta Program

Text Formatting in Mail:

Even mail will get some changes in iOS 13 when it comes to writing out a properly formatted email. You will able to control over the font style, size, alignment, outdenting and indenting text with numbered and bulleted lists.

You can insert a hyperlink into some text of an Email but you are not able to insert a hyperlink at the whole entire writing. You can edit this in Computer which is depending on the Operating System.

Fonts and File Management:

New iOS 13 comes with a cool fonts features and great file management system which allow to device more stability and make faster. Organize file management will help to memory consumption in your device. You can change the Font size and font weight into your new iOS 13.

Fast and Fluid OS:

Apple iOS 13 provide smooth and faster experience than the iOS 12. The iOS 13 stats that app launch speed is up to twice as fast according to apple, Face ID unlocking will be 30% Faster than iOS 12.

iOS 13

The challenging part of iOS 13 is to slow the rate of battery aging by reducing the time your iPhone spends fully charged.

But overall you will find a fast and smooth experience with your new iOS 13.

Improvement of Siri:

Siri is become the One step ahead in iOS 13. You can control any IOT device which is connect with your device using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Voice controlling take a biggest advantage to change your live experience with you home automation.

You can control all your device using simple Voice controlling system. The Connectivity becomes more improvement where the connection will not interrupt in any condition. Even the voice of siri sounds more natural.

Game Controller Support:

Another interesting update comes in the iOS 13 is that you are able to find your favorite game in to your Appstore. You can add your favorite PS4 , Xbox controller and play your favorite game. It will provide controller support for you gaming experience.

iOS 13 Gaming

More features from iOS 13:

Last But not Least iOS 13 comes with lot of interesting features which will feel something cool. Even you can silence your unknown call, connectivity with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi becomes strong.

Let’s see how you feel when you enrolled for beta program for this iOS 13 program and share your feeling with us in the comment section. We will update with upcoming iOS update please subscribe our newsletter to get more updates. Thank you for reading the article.

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