Know About GSM vs EDGE vs CDMA vs LTE: Which will be the Best

When we are talking about Technology, Mobile Networks comes into that topic whether that is the GSM, EDGE, CDMA or LTE whatever it maybe. So today you have to know about GSM vs EDGE vs CDMA vs LTE and which will be best for your carrier network. All the Network will be working on the Radio wave frequency or You can read about our previous topic based on What is mobile Network and how it works?

Know About GSM vs EDGE vs CDMA vs LTE

GSM Mobile Network: Complete Details

GSM Network named as Global System Mobile Communication. GSM network standard operates on three different carrier frequencies 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz. 900MHz band is used for original GSM system and the 1800MHz band is added to support the increasing number of customers. In our India 900MHz is used as a networking frequency.

This GSM Mobile Network allows to messaging and calling facility to the other cellular Network. GSM network is basically known as a 2G Network provider which can provide 124KbPS speed of mobile Browsing.

CDMA Mobile Network: Complete Details

CDMA Standards for Code Division Multiple Access by various radio frequencies. It can provide upto 3G due this CDMA technology. It is the similar type of Network like GSM network. CDMA is known as a second and third generation of the mobile network. In India 850MHz is used in this CDMA Networking Frequency and WCDMA has capable to handle 2100MHz Frequency for fast internet.

The data transfer rate is quite good in this mobile network which it can speed up to 14.4 Kbps in single channel and 115 kbps in eight-channel system. The main problem of the GSM and CDMA is that CDMA Comes with the inbuilt SIM Card which is not removal as GSM sim card.

Know About GSM vs EDGE vs CDMA vs LTE
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EDGE Mobile Network: Complete Details

EDGE comes with a Revolution of GSM network and EDGE standards for Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution. EDGE can capable to increase to provide the speed of thee times than the GSM providers provides. Edge Network is one step ahead of 3G. You have already noticed that H+ Signal provide and indicates the Mobile Network.

After Coming EDGE, Video calling facility comes into the digital Industries. It can provide upto 1Mbps speed maximum with the high price of Data Pack for the Networking and Video Calling. Even at that time mobile operators also launch their smartphone into the Market which change the completely in the global world.

LTE: Another Revolution

LTE means Long Term Evolution which is the one Step Ahead of 4G. After Launching the 4G Network, the browsing speed is increased tremendously that’s time another networking frequency comes in the market which allow to Voice over Internet Calling and the Speed of the Video calling is quite improved and it can capable to call anyone with the help of Internet facility.

Know About GSM vs EDGE vs CDMA vs LTE
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Now in the Global network 5G is launching into the Networking and the Browsing speed and Data transfer Speed will be increased. all the networking is completely depending on the frequency of any network and that frequency is harm for the Birds and Human Body also. Upgrading with the technology can we downgrade our Nature’s Policy? – what is your opinion you can share with us through Comment

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