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The easiest way to make international call while you are travelling

While you are planning to travel, you have to keep all the things ready, costing, route -mapping and everything. If you are going to plan for International travelling, you have to recharge your mobile phone. The International Roaming which asks for an additional price which will very high than usual tariff plan. Here this article will help you to find the easiest way to make an international call while you are travelling.

Use WhatsApp/Video Calling Application

When you are travelling for the international way, you can contact your families and friends though whatsapp audio, Video call or even any video calling application. Nothing else, during those calls, you use your cellular data packs which will not be effect your roaming charges.

Rent SIM Card of that country for international Calling

Another mind-blowing idea will be if you rent SIM card of that country with your Documents, You will be helpful to call others and communication problem will not happen. this idea will reduce your international roaming cost by paying one-time money for renting that SIM Card.


Most of the Cases your handset will be Unlocked and all the SIM card will be activated automatically. If your phone is not unlocked, you have to unlock the Handset. so Please check before renting any SIM card otherwise your cost will be high.

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Purchase Calling Card for International Calling

Calling Card is one type of Prepaid card. Calling card option is not cheap pricing quality like International Roaming Charges. But you can use for Pay-Per call function, you can buy a Calling Card and recharge a certain amount of money which will help to communicate the international Calling.

You can use Whatsapp or other Video calling application to communicate during travel which will be a cheap idea for your travelling planning. Comment or Let me inform is there any idea to make an international call while you are travelling.

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