Top 5 Virus attacks in the World’s History

Viruses, Malware, Warms the most common term in this Networking World! When we are talking about the security the most common terms are spelled as Virus. A virus can even destroy a Big Company. Every file which is coming through the trusted path but not the trusted content, maybe hack your Life. It sounds little Scary right? So here top 5 Worst Virus  in all over the World.

top 5 worst virus attacks in the World

List of top 5 Worst Virus in the world:

1.INF/AutoRun Virus:

AutoRun and the companion Features Autoplay are components of the Microsoft Windows OS that dictate what actions the system takes when a drive is mounted. This simple virus created by the “autorun.inf” file. The file contains information about programs meant to run automatically when removal devices are connected to the computer. This is the well-known virus of the Top 5 worst Virus in the world.

This simple virus can attack the entire PC and get access from the user to the Hackers which can damage a lot of important documents. Even sometimes this virus can attack your system. You can use AutoRun Remover Tool even You can Read Now How to Remove Autorun Virus from your Desktop/Laptop.

2.Conficker Virus:

This virus is also known as Downup, Downadup and kido. This virus targets Microsoft Windows OS and this virus were detected in November 2008. This is another well-known virus of the Top 5 worst Virus in the world. This virus contains an interesting meaning.

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This name Conficker is blended from English term “Configure” and the Germen word “Fiker”, which means “to have sex with / to mess with” with colloquial German.

This virus uses flaws in Windows Software and dictionary attacks on administrator Passwords to co-opt machines and link them into a virtual Computer that can be remotely by its Hacker. After entering this virus, your machine will not be controlled by yourself. All the operation can be executed by the hacker and you are only the Spectator. This Virus can Removed through the Antivirus Provider.

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3.Win32 PSW.OnLineGames:

This is the most dangerous virus in the world history. This virus can replicate itself as other viruses and spreads from one computer to another carrying payload destruction. It had the ability to spread the entire connected PC within a couple of minutes.

This virus is more concern with the video game around the world, it comes the Crack folder of the games and enters to the computer then it starts its work. This is the most effective virus of the Top 5 worst Virus in the world This virus can steal the credential information, financial information and all the computer access from the victim’s account.

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This is the another and interesting type of virus. This virus copies itself to the Systm32 folder of the Windows directory giving control of the computer to the attacker. The attacker then modifies the Domain Name Server (DNS) settings redirecting the computer to another domain. This virus the common virus which is also used now a Days.

This virus is done to compromise the infected machine from downloading any updates and redirect any attempts made to a website that downloads other malicious files on the victim’s computer.

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This threat as the suffix .GetCodec modifies the audio files present on the system to “.wma” format and adds a URL header that points to the location of the new codec and the host computer is forced to download the new codec and along with the new codec, several other malicious codes are also downloaded.

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This virus can affect the host computer along with the part computer which are connected to the main computer.

These top 5 Worst Virus attacks all over the world destroy a Lot of million Data and Property. But at the time to time, new viruses are seen to the Internet with their different motives and Mission. But at the same time Developer of that company also sitting there to patch that affected files.

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